Amplify: Africa's Game of Thrones 

The year 2016:  The aKoma Media team (aka. The Lords of aKoma) have just launched the Amplify Fellowship in Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda with Mastercard Foundation.  All fellows are charged with producing multimedia stories each week that capture their slice of life. For six months,  they will tell us about it, in their own words. Right here. The battles will rage. The game is on.

Winter is coming ...  

The House of Cool Water, dabbed, then prepared for a powerful take over of the throne.  

Behind smiles there were strategies.  

The House of Naija stands poised, ready to bring on a slew of stories, and capture Kenya's Landing. 

The House of a Thousand Hills, devoured chicken wings, chips and chugged late into the night, after surviving a catastrophic downpour. Still, the horrifying thunder and collapsed window sheets didn't deter them in plotting how to take down their rivals.  

The Lords of aKoma are egging on this battle.

An alliance has been struck between Mama Zainayris and Bwana Chidjoffery, both in search for the truth, devoted to a platform they believe will transform the world. 

The Hand of the Queen comes to Kenya's Landing... 

... and embraces Tusker and Tangawizi. 

Beyond traffic jams, power cuts and spotty internet, these three Houses will be tasked with telling stories that Amplify Nigeria, Amplify Kenya and Amplify Rwanda. Who will survive?

Baridi ni kuja ...   

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