Still Surviving!

I was born in a family of six. Four boys and two girls. I need to insist here that in our culture giving birth is like drinking water. So six kids from one family is even on the lower side of things. Our lives ever since we were babies has always been a real gangster mode hustling kind of life. We don’t live, we survive. We literally operate on grace from meal to meal, that is if the other beings from the cat family does not come attacking one of us. Every minute, every second that ticks on the clock determines if we are going to be alive to face the next meal, which is not even guaranteed.

I have just come from a funeral. We lost my brother. You see, we move from house to house each time because we can't really afford a descent shelter. So we are always dependent on some other beings called humans. My brother died from poisoning. The humans hate us. They say we destroy their stuff, which is kinda true. But what do we really have an option! We don't have the privilege of going into Naivas or Tuskys to shop for chocolate bars and bread like them. We are constantly exposed to very hostile conditions like accidentally passing through an exposed live wire or getting a hit from a shoe. We are entirely saved by either the food they forget to store in the freezer or worst case scenario their mattresses. The mattresses don't taste as nice but they keep us going in times of drought. We pray just like they do that it rains because when it doesn’t it simply means there will be less food on the ground and that means these guys won’t have enough to “waste” for us to partake.

So last month my family and I moved from Kawangware slums because food there seemed to be scarce most of the year due to the elections in the country. My parents literally had to move every single day to the nearby suburbs of Lavington to look for meals for us, it was too much for them so they thought we could try look for space in Lavington and lo’ and behold an opportunity came knocking.

In one of the houses that my parents frequented, the lady had to release her house help, for good. Reason being she was not being good with the kids. Always shouting at them and unashamedly helping the toddler of the house with her food. How do you eat baby food as an adult? These humans really surprise us sometimes. They do stuff that we are supposed to do and don’t even do. I tend to think we kinda think better than them in many occasions. Anyway, so a new “technician” came in. For this one she's really good with the kids but the relationship between her and cleanliness and keeping the house tidy is wanting. Very wanting. They cannot even be forced to marry each other. So currently the lady is looking for another technician before she lets this one go. My mum being the smart one thought this would be such a cool opportunity to make a move. Long story short we've been in this house for about 2 weeks now.

We are so settled here. We are thinking this could just be our permanent residence. We have been trusting our Maker for our own place for a while now. Yes, we also pray. Pray that the humans get blinded when we are perambulating ourselves in their houses feeling their warm carpets and enjoying their nicely polished tiled floors. Pray that they are broke, too broke to get rat poison for their homes etcetera etcetera.

In this new house, these guys feed us with cheese, buttered bread, cake crumbs, the kids eat while they're running all over the house so our work is just to do moon walks as we get our stomachs full. We are living the life. The only issue though and it's a big issue is one of my sisters pulled a stupid move the other day by going to the kitchen during the day. Which is against the rules. We like visiting the kitchen at night because of course it makes sense. The folks are all asleep. So in that quest one of the kids saw her and screamed. The next thing we know is the lady of the house came home the next day with poison. Unfortunately, my brother was hit by its bullet.

On our way from burying my brother mum thought we pass by Junction mall and get some protective gear. Dad was of the idea that maybe we move out. But mum did not agree. As kids we don't even say anything, all we want is to be able to eat and sleep comfortably. Mum's thinking is it would take a very long time before we get such a cool place again. So at the moment we are still here in Lavington with protective gear, living one second at a time and being too careful about just eating whatever is on the floor. Mum cannot stop her endless slogans of “never give up” on us whenever Dad seems to be low. It has now become too risky living here. Wait! I hear my brother screeching in pain, I’ll be back…

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