Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

aKoma Media takes privacy seriously. We respect your right to it. We’re not going to mess around with personal info. So for our content creators, inside and outside the African continent, we want to be as transparent as possible.

Collecting your data

If you use our site,, here’s what data we get:

  • We collect info on what pages you visit and what browsers you’re using
  • We will learn what device you’re using
  • When you sign up we get your email address and your social handles 

If you’re reading or creating on aKoma we capture your IP address. Why? This helps us fight abuse, and those guys that break the aKoma code of conduct. It also lets us personalize the aKoma experience which is a key goal of ours. Your IP address will also help us improve our product because we will be able to tell what people like or don’t like, and how the platform is used.

Sometimes we’ll send admin emails to keep you in the loop on new or changing policies.

You’ll never get an email from us asking what your password is, so watch out if you get that because it’s not from aKoma. Tell us about it ASAP so we can check it out.  

Your personal information

We won’t share it outside aKoma

We won’t sell it

If we do share it with a third party, these are the criteria:

  • we must have your consent
  • the third party meets our data protection standards
  • required by law or legal process. You will get a heads up if there are any legal processes so you can challenge them, as long as a court allows us.

If we become part of another company, before we transfer personal info, we will notify you, and there will be a new privacy policy. You can choose to leave aKoma if you don’t like the new policy.


We use this technology so we can recognize you when you come back.  Stuff like logging you back in automatically, and remembering things you like. This also helps us personalize information for you.

If you don’t want this, then go to ‘Do Not Track’ (DNT) settings in your browser. If you turn it on, we won’t set cookies.

There are some third parties like Google Analytics or Chartbeat which we use, that may place their own cookies in your browser. We are only responsible for a privacy policy that exists on aKoma platforms and our own use of cookies.

Data storage 

Third parties like Amazon hosts our data for hardware, software and all tech stuff we need to run aKoma.

We keep logs - server logs and event logs via our hosts.

Your accounts  

You can access or change your personal info on aKoma anytime you want.

You can delete your account any time you want.

If you delete your account, the content may not be recoverable.

To protect information from accidental  or malicious deleting,  it may still exist on our servers or back up systems and we may not remove it.


We use HTTPS/TLS encryption to protect data coming in and out of our site.   

No data on the internet is 100% secure so aKoma can’t guarantee security. You’re on

Our platform at your own risk and you need to  take actions to secure your own account, for instance having a strong password. 


As we develop the platform we will likely update our policy. If there’s anything major, we’ll let you know immediately. We’ll keep the latest one up on the aKoma site always.


If you want to clarify or give us feedback on any of this, email us at

If you want to read the small print and the legalese, click here.