She Has Known Love.

She has known love, and for tonight she won't question it. She has known love - the kind she always came close to experiencing, faltering right at the doorstep of it, the kind she always craved. Good heavens, she has found it, known it. She found it in the oddest way - she found it - or recognised it - as she was summing things up with the man she loved, as they said goodbye. She will write this down because she will need to remember this - that love exists - the kind of love that she has always believed in, the kind that we all think is somewhere out there, the kind that we half believe we will never find. I'll call the man she loves Kirira, for this post. I'll call her Sally, for this post. Conversa...

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It Is This Paper I Tell.

Sadness can be easy. The tears are right here after all. "Shall we fall?" They want to know. "Shall we fall?" They press on. Sadness can be easy. Sadness is what I have allowed. Sadness is the friend left, standing right behind me when I am tired of attacking pain, of telling it to leave me alone, to leave me be. Sadness is the one left right behind me. In the darkness. With no one. Or with those I refuse to see. With pain before me. With my hands bloodied. Sadness is right behind me, gently, just a whisper, says, "Come." On this end of the ring, me. Sadness behind. On that end, pain and them. They who laugh when I still have not found where my laughter is hiding. They who I once laughed with. They who...

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For Pio II

To Pio From an observer Early 1965 The day will seem a normal one. Your baby will be in the backseat, you in the front, and your murderer(s) will be somewhere near you. I do not know what they will be thinking in the seconds before you get in the car and move towards your main gate. I do not know. Will they be wondering if the shot will be precise? Will they be wondering if they are doing the right thing? Will their minds be blank, silent, soundless? Will their minds be buzzing with activity they cannot quite describe, pin down? Will all sound maybe cease in the seconds before the act, and will it resume in the seconds after? Will there be something very mundane said, just before you die? Will someone be ...