How To Create Your Story

Creating a written, photo or video story on aKoma is simple and easy to do. Here is a quick guide to help you along. Please note this applies to your mobile device also. 

First, make sure you sign in to your account. In order to create a story on aKoma, you must sign up for an account. 

Next, go to the editor. There are a couple of ways to do that:

  • via the menu. Go to "Create Your Story" on the menu

  • via the "Create Story" button

Once you get into the editor, now you can start creating your story. 

  • Type in a headline for your story. The best strategy is to have a smart, descriptive and short title. 
  • Insert a cover image. Cover images are great as they provide great context to a story, and get your story more attention and views. 
    • Images should be sized at about 700Kb and below. Images above 700Kb will probably not load into the editor.

  • Then, start writing your story. The first 140 characters of your story will be the summary of your story in the story feed, so be creative with your opening sentence. 
  • In the story body, look for the Quick Insert button. This will appear every time you hit enter on your keyboard or tap return on your mobile device. 

  • You can start typing when you see the Quick Insert button. You also can click on the button to add an image, insert a link to video, unordered bullets, and ordered bullets.
    • To get out of insert bullet mode, hit enter twice
    • After you insert an image, hit enter to get the Quick Insert button back. 

  • You have image formating options such as resizing (drag the image or enter dimensions), alignment (left, right, center), insert link, inline text (you can put text beside the image)

  • Posting a video on aKoma requires that you have a link to the video from Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook

  • When you type in your text, you can format it as you write. The format bar appears when you highlight the text that you want to format:

  • You have the following options to format your text: 
    • Bold
    • Italics
    • Underline
    • Insert Link
    • Headings - H1, H2, H3, H4
    • Text Alignment - Left, Right, Center, Justified
    • Quotes
    • Remove Formatting
    • Full Screen

  • Once you are done composing your story, hit Publish at the top of your computer screen, select Publish in the mobile menu, or the Publish button on the right lower corner of your mobile editor screen. Enter up to three tags. They can be existing tags, or you can create your own tag(s).  

And your story is set. You can go to All Stories in the menu to see it posted. 

Go ahead. Create your story now.