The Deep Dive In

A boy takes a dive into water. Badagry, Lagos. Photo by Damilola Onafuwa

Beginnings are beautiful!

They come in different ways but in whatever way they come, they are an indication of the new. Newly wedded couples are off to a new beginning, a slave who just gained his freedom, or a woman just delivered of a bouncing baby boy; a man just crowned king, or me, a young creative who just woke up to the beginning of a new year.

Beginnings are beautiful! They are full of opportunities. They are full of uncertainties too. Clouds of fear hovers around, the waves become heavier, and even the bravest of men are bound to shudder.

A boy stands legs apart and stares at the ocean as other boys run away from the heavy waves. Ibeshe, Lagos. Photo by Damilola Onafuwa

The need to make decisions, plans and choices comes with every new beginning.

It is the beginning of the year and I am at this point. Just like I was last year and the year before. Another page of a book is ready to be written. Whatever is written on this page is dependent on my actions and inactions. The plans, choices and decisions are to be made, the fear and uncertainties staring me down, the waves blowing and the storms raging. But I have taken a decision to dive in.

According to American actor, Will Smith, “All the great things in life are on the other side of fear.”

Today, I am stepping on the cliff, taking the plunge, and I am taking the deep dive in, until I can ride the waves.

After a dive, boy surfaces back on water. Badagry, Lagos. Photo by Damilola Onafuwa

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