People describe falling in love like a surreal feeling that is in explainable, you get butterflies, colors seem brighter, you’re in a perfect place and everything feels right with the world. This is exactly how I felt and I can still feel it up to date, it’s a rare feeling and only when you give in can you get this feeling.

It all happened on a trip I took. I am a sucker for road trips and travel; I’m like that dog that sticks its tongue out the window. This one road trip I took from Nairobi to one of Kenya’s glorious parks, I was pregnant with expectation. When I saw the entrance to the park I was blown away, I had never seen anything like it. To add on that, there were Maasai women selling jewelry by the gate and their culture was oozing from their attire. Once we paid our dues, we got into the park, I could fill the rush but not the kind of rush I felt when I first saw him.

Amboseli national park is breath taking, every single turn your eyes feast on the beautiful scenery. One end you see zebras chewing on the grass like I would chew on a burger and flirting with each other, the other end you see gazelles and antelopes galloping from one bush to the other. If this is what the crew of national geographic see and experience, then I definitely want in.

The road trail was a little dusty and bumpy but you could barely notice it, there is so much to see. As we drove round the park, our vehicle slowed down I followed our drivers gaze and that is where my heart rate slowed down. I felt a rush like I had never felt before, I was speechless, everything slowed down, and I felt like I was all alone looking, gazing at the beautiful magnificent creature in front of us.

It was at that point that I fell in love; it was at that point I gave myself to nature. It is one thing to see it on screen and it is another thing to see it right in front of you. I watched him as he slowly, majestically like he owned the world cross the road to a nearby swamp. He joined the rest of his herd in taking a warm bath. I loved how the rest of the herd was splashing water on themselves; I loved how their skin changed colour in the water. It looked like the swamp had a splash of lavender oil from how they enjoyed themselves. As we slowly drove away, I felt like I left my heart there in that lavender filled swamp.

Naturally, I was tempted to get out of the vehicle and perhaps touch him, but park rules prohibit people from getting out of their vehicles. As we continued our drive, I realised I was seeing everything in a new light, it’s almost like I had been blind before. Even the wildebeests didn’t seem as scary as you would see them on TV. It was interesting to see all these wildlife together, sharing a playing ground almost like living in an apartment building, everyone going about their business.

We finally got to Amboseli Serena and all I could think about was Jabali, yes I named the elephant Jabali. The first thing I asked at the reception was the designated time for game drives; I secretly was hoping to see Jabali and his herd again. However, would I recognise him? I definitely would recognise his majestic walk.

Being love struck and in aaw of the beauty all around, I found a spot next to the hotels pool that overlooked the park. The view was spectacular all you could see is endless flora and fauna and the galloping gazelles in the background. As my eyes feasted in all that nature, and as my heart found its rhythm again, I felt that rush again when I saw him at the edge of the fence. I couldn’t believe it, could he as love struck as I was?

As he approached me, I thought to myself should I wave, give him a hug or a simple smile. As all these thoughts crossed my mind, he walked right passed me I could have sworn, we made eye contact. I heard someone exclaim wow! And I discovered we were many of us staring at his beauty and awed by his magnificence. I later thought to myself, perhaps that wasn’t Jabali, he looked a little shorter than what I remembered.

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