"I think I will die alone!" She yelled.

"Come down Siggy. Whats up?"

Her breathing is heavy, she is panting and pacing. I know she is pacing. Her breathing is uneven, the same kind of breathing people have when walking. 

It's Sunday afternoon. I am having a drink, a glass of Sangria to be precise. Then she calls. Siggy does not call on Sunday afternoons except when it is important. She knows better than to bother me on a Sunday especially when I am resting. 

"Calm down, breathe! What's up?"

" Remember Daniel? The Winston Duke look alike with an awesome physique, remember? I told you about him."

" The one who smacks his lips every time he takes a sip of tea?"

"Did I say that?"

"Yes, you did. You hated the coffee date. What about him?" 

"Well, we went out on a dinner date on Friday and he has not called back. He did not call after the date, he did not bother to check up on me!" She screamed into her phone.

"Pole, sasa you will break my eardrums because of him?"

"Don't be silly! Its the third date I have had this month and its only the 10th of February. Do you know how unlucky that is? I think I will be a single woman forever!"

"Maybe he wanted........ You know," I chuckled

"Kuwa serious Nkt!" She snapped

The idea she might grow old and die an old spinster frightens Siggy. When we were in our twenties she often talked about her husband, her children and her house. She talked about how she will do her chores and how great the taste of her chapatis will be. All she has ever wanted has been to be a mother and a wife. That was fifteen years ago. How time flies!

"When we were younger, dating was a pass time activity. And sometimes it was a means to a good meal in a fancy hotel. Maybe God is punishing me for all the free meals I had. Is God punishing me?" She asked.

I listen as she vents out. Women are different. While one desires a family and a husband to call her own. Another desires a flourishing career or a prospering business venture. Nothing scares Siggy than the idea of being the unmarried woman next door. A woman without a person to share hidden jokes with. A person she can confide in and know for certain he won't betray her. She is scared and she is right to be scared. We all need someone to call our own.

Pic by Wadi Lissa www.unsplash.com

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